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Von alexander is young Hip-Hop artist from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a city known for being a hotbed full of untapped talent where Von has defiantly made himself a standout artist. Using his personal life experiences, mixed with his musical influences, with a keen eye for branding and aEsthetics, Von showcases his versAtility within every release of his music. His main goal is to ensure the listener that they will experience something different every time they play a song. From hyper energetic cuts like "Birds In The Sky" to introspective mellow therapy in songs like "Pray For Me" and "Aura", where even sometimes diving into other realities exampled in "Overdose" and "White Man Money". 

Von began writing poetry in 3rd grade while attending Hi-Mount elementary school, where he would later find his passion for music just before entering high school. He took a very special interest in creative writing. Among those years he would find his inspiration by studying artists such as Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, N.E.R.D and Common to list a few. By the time he reached his senior year, he was recording himself and practicing another skill in which he would later develop in graphic design which would allow him to be able to give the listeners a more visual context with the artwork he'd make for every song. During this time he was known as Vonny Del Fresco, where he would go on to release 2 EP's and a few singles accompanied by visuals under the moniker before changing his name and artistic vision in 2015 with the release of his most popular release 'VON'. 

'V O N' was an EP that was put together in a matter of months with the main goal of giving his listeners and supporters a deeper dive into who Von Alexander was beyond the artist, and introduction of sorts. Gaining placements on major music blog sites such as 2Dopeboyz, PigeonsandPlanes, MassAppeal and HipHopDX, Von knew that the only way to go was forward with his passion in persuing his artistry. 

The latest releases from Von Alexander include his newly dropped projects 'YELLING OUT UNDER THE HEAVENS' & 'VALENTINO'. More than optImistic, Von continues to push the envelope of creativity with hopes of becoming the voice of a new generation of Hip-Hop.